Never miss out on great nearby events and activities with the NearMinder chat bot from BIG Little Apps!

Get the free NearMinder chat bot!

NearMinderBot - chat bot from BIG Little Apps

Use the NearMinderBot to get the latest event info directly in your favorite messaging apps!

    Search for a specific type of event that you are interested in, such as Music, Art, Dance, Biking, Yoga, Swimming or any other activities or interests, or even a specific named event or performer. The NearMinderBot can find events from all of the best sources such as TicketMaster, SeatGeek, EventBrite and MeetUps. For any events where you need to signup or get ticket info, full details are also available using the link at the end of the event description.

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Now available on Google Home and The Google Assistant for iOS!

Google Home Cool Events chat bot from BIG Little Apps

The Google Assistant Cool Events chat bot from BIG Little Apps

Talk to the "Cool Events" chat bot on Google Home

    Chat directly with the "Cool Events" chat bot in Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. The Cool Events chat bot uses voice interaction to help you find events and activities of interest nearby.

    CNet names Cool Events chat bot as one of the best Google Home services Cool Events was named by CNet as one of "16 of the best Google Home services you should already be using."

     To talk with the free Cool Events chat bot using your Google Home voice-activated speaker, just say "Hey Google, talk to Cool Events," to get started!

    Cool Events chat bot is available in The Google Assistant app for iOS / iPhone NEW! Also talk to "Cool Events" chat bot in the Google Assistant app on iOS!

     Download The Google Assistant app for iOS and just say "Talk to Cool Events" to connect now!

Website Popup NearMinder Chat Bot, too!

Use the NearMinderBot directly in this website chat popup

    Chat directly with the NearMinderBot chat bot using this website popup chat window. The NearMinderBot uses quick-reply buttons to make it simple to click on most options.

    Chat with the NearMinderBot website chat bot now:
     Click on "NearMinderBot - Click here to chat now!" in the chat panel at left.

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