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Collaborate. Innovate. CloudDraw!

CloudDraw Available on the App Store
CloudDraw™ enables you to collaborate with others and share ideas in real-time through the internet "cloud."

Collaboration has never been easier!

CloudDraw App

Available for iPad/iPhone, Web.


With CloudDraw, you can create and share ideas using a connected whiteboard drawing environment and also exchange chat messages to communicate with other CloudDraw users with whom you are collaborating.

The rich CloudDraw tool set makes it easy to get your concepts across with a flexible set of shapes, colors, text and drawing tools. Plus, a remote "highlighter" lets you easily emphasize areas of interest.

Includes 4-level undo/redo and instant shared drawing synchronization over the internet between iPads, iPhones and even desktop viewers invited into your shared drawing session.

Collaborate. Innovate. CloudDraw!

CloudDraw Available on the App Store

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Only CloudDraw Offers...

CloudDraw Shapes

Drawing and Editing Tools

CloudDraw offers a complete set of drawing tools, including freehand Pencil & Eraser tools, eight Shape tools (including three arrow shapes), a Spray Can tool, and a Fill tool. Objects on-screen can be selected and dragged to a new location or a duplicate of a selected area can be created.

CloudDraw Text EntryCloudDraw also includes a full-featured text tool that allows text to be created in many fonts, sizes, styles and colors. The system also features a 4-level Undo/Redo capability to simplify getting your ideas drawn out exactly as you like.

CloudDraw Color Palette

Extensive Color Palette and Pen Settings

The CloudDraw Palette option presents selections for 25 color selections, including a custom color option where user specified colors may be created.

Also available is the Pen-size slider (and five handy pre-set size buttons) to specify the line thickness for drawn shapes. A Shadow On/Off switch enables Shadow effects that can be applied to any drawn shapes and text.

CloudDraw Collaboration

Group Collaboration via Internet Cloud

The Collaboration settings enable real-time sharing of the drawing screen with other CloudDraw users connected to the internet.

There are two collaboration options: Share and Join. Turning Sharing "On" enables your drawing to be shared with other CloudDraw users by providing them with the displayed "Share Code." To Join another CloudDraw users' shared drawing session, you just enter the Share Code they provide and click the "Join Now" button.

CloudDraw Chat

Chat Messaging and Remote Highlighter

The Chat option allows you to exchange text messages in real-time with other CloudDraw users with whom you are collaborating. The Chat button becomes enabled after real-time sharing has been configured using the Collaboration options.

A Highlighter tool allows you to temporarily highlight items on your screen and the screens of any other CloudDraw users with whom you are collaborating.

CloudDraw Document Actions

Image Import/Export

CloudDraw drawings can be saved as standard "image album" images, e-mailed or printed (on devices that support printing).

Images can also be imported from the device photo/image galleries as well.

CloudDraw Online Help

Complete Online Help

CloudDraw includes complete online help so descriptions of how to use all tools and options are always at your fingertips if you need them!

The reviews are in!

App Store Reviews

Really does the job well ★★★★

by Hobber (UK)
Version 1.02
I was after a whiteboard that could be shared over the Internet rather than just on the same wifi or Bluetooth connection. A shared whiteboard where all users can write on the board. This one does the job. The app has a lot of draw, text and highlighting features as well as a conversation text board which displays the names of those contributing to the text conversation. Users who need to contribute to the whiteboard and messages need the paid version, but other users can just view the whiteboard with the free version…

What I need ★★★★★

by DH089 (China)
Version 1.02
Brilliant!! This is what I need. I search the whole app store for a long time to find this particular app. The shining point is that this app makes it possible for people to draw together via INTERNET! I am a student, with this app I can discuss problems with my classmates! I believe it's a useful tool for people staying far away to discuss with sketches…

Great for the Classroom ★★★★★

by KimberlySara (USA)
Version 1.03
I am using this app with my Kindergarten students to practice all types of skills. I love that it allows for a seamless connection. The collaboration and interactive features is awesome! Definitely worth the money.

Collaborating with CloudDraw on Multiple iPads Collaborating with CloudDraw on Multiple iPads

ClassWithApps.com says...

"There are many new methods of using tablet technology that intensify collaboration amongst students and teachers. Our team has been in the search for an app that allows real time unlimited interaction between each student with a device in their hand. The CloudDraw app is a simple and excellent solution for obtaining this level of interaction with students all right at their desk. It allows you and your students to draw within a single whiteboard screen that is displayed on multiple devices in real time. This app can work effectively in a small group setting or for an entire classroom…"

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CloudDraw Available on the App Store

Free CloudDraw Web Viewer

CloudDraw Web Viewer

CloudDraw Web Viewer

The free CloudDraw Viewer enables you to join a shared drawing session initiated by a user of the full CloudDraw app. The user of the full CloudDraw app will supply a share code to enter and then you will be able to view the shared drawing session in real time, and chat with the participating CloudDraw users.

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