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BIG Little Apps is a technology development company that creates innovative applications for businesses to more deeply engage with customers and prospects using applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We integrate these leading-edge technologies to deliver unique solutions through the leading voice-activated smart devices.

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The Guest Info Center The Guest Info Center

Delight Vacation Rental Guests and Simplify Management Support

The Guest Info Center is a simple and convenient added amenity that Airbnb, VRBO or other vacation rental hosts can provide to delight their short-term rental guests while simplifying management support at their rental facility.

It can be made available through Alexa Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart displays and Alexa-enabled smart TVs/Fire TVs. It provides guests with easy-to-access info about the rental facility and the immediate neighborhood, as well as recommendations for local dining, activities, services or events.


  • Happy Guests
    • The Guest Info Center provides a fun, convenient and easy-to-use amenity that will exceed guest expectations and insure that guests get the most enjoyment out of their stay.

  • Happy Hosts
    • Happy guests stay longer, make fewer host support requests, make more repeat bookings, and post better overall reviews of their vacation rental experience.

  • Competitive Differentiation
    • The Guest Info Center enables vacation rental owners and managers to quickly, easily and affordably offer a fully customized competitive differentiator to help their vacation rental stand out from the crowd.

Guest Info Center for Alexa User Interaction

If you are a vacation rental owner or manager looking to delight your Airbnb, VRBO or other guests and simplify your vacation rental support, click below to learn more about The Guest Info Center

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